Car Wraps Make Gorgeous Car Exteriors and Powerful Advertisements

Do you want to make your car more attractive without having to repaint it? Are you using your vehicle to advertise your products and services? If so, Hawkeye Printing & Graphics can help you. We’ve been transforming vehicles in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for several years and our clients can attest to the quality of the vehicle wraps that we produce for them.

Hawkeye Printing specializes in car wraps, a coating technique that involves the use of a conformable vinyl wrapping material with high-quality print instead of the traditional spray paint. This is by far the most efficient car wrapping technique and it has fast become one of our most sought-after services.

Why Should You Use a Car Wraps?

More Affordable than Repainting – A custom airbrush service provided by a specialist may cost over $10,000, while a high-quality car wrap may cost only around $3,000. It’s 300% cheaper and yet the result is just as impressive, if not better.

Quicker and More Flexible – Car painting may take two weeks or longer to finish, whereas car wrapping takes only a day or two depending on the size and complexity of the design. You can save a great deal of time and avoid the costly upshot of renting a vehicle until the coating is done.

Long-lasting and Safe to Remove – Advancements in car wrapping technology make car wraps more durable. They can withstand pressure and resist the elements. If it’s time to change the wrapping to give your car a new look, the old wrap can easily be peeled off.

Car Wraps for Your Small Business

Custom Car Wraps Dallas Texas

Car Wraps Benefits

Advertising Power

Businesses consider car wrapping one of the cheapest yet most effective advertising techniques. By using car wraps that contain vital information about your products and services, you can advertise your business across the city every time you hit the road.

Studies show that car wrapping has a low cost per impression ratio, making it highly efficient, far better than stationary advertisements, such as billboards and posters. Instead of waiting for potential customers to view your ads, you bring it to them through your vehicle. The return can be very rewarding.

 Why Choose Hawkeye Printing & Graphics

When it comes to print and wrap quality, Hawkeye Printing & Graphics is the premier choice of businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We use the most advanced large-scale printing technology and we only employ experienced and trained technicians and personnel. We are dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations—and we always do.

Hawkeye Printing understands that you’re looking for cost-effective advertising solutions, which is what we are offering you. If you are interested in learning more about our services and want to get ahead of the competition, call us and we will be more than willing to answer all your questions. We hope to be part of your business’s success by providing topnotch printing services.