Helpful Tips for Choosing the Best Commercial Printing Company

Printing presses have been around for hundreds of years. But today, there’s an over saturated market to choose your commercial printing services and finding a  local printing company.  This makes it difficult to know which the best fit for you is. Furthermore, not all of these local printing companies will be a good fit for your business..

When choosing a  company for your commercial printing services, here are some items to consider-

A Printing Company That Listens – In any business, communication is crucial. You want a printing company that will make decisions after consulting you and will be able to deliver what you need because they heard what you want. Collaboration is a strength for any company– look for a printer that will be able to listen and communicate effectively.

Capabilities – Printing companies differ widely in their capabilities, and it’s not easy to tell companies apart just from their web sites. Some are small shops that cater to walk-in traffic and others are trade printers. Some are print brokers or managers who don’t have their own manufacturing facilities. Most commercial printers do both offset (conventional) and digital printing. But every printing company is unique. Spend time on a printer’s web site and speak with an account representative to appreciate a company’s capabilities.

Customer Service– Look for a print company that has a record of putting customers first – and ask how they do this. Verbiage on a web site may express a customer-centric philosophy, but you need to discuss this with prospective printers and other customers.

A Commercial Printing Company Should Be a Partner in Your BusinessCollaboration is another key when working with a commercial printing company. Its staff members must be able to listen to you, your needs and suggestions. They must also be readily available to help you out in terms of layout and design of your print job and not only proceed with printing as you hand them your materials. Your commercial printing services provider will need to have genuine concern toward the quality of your materials.

Collaboration – Look for commercial printing services that have a fantastic reputation for collaborating with their customers. After you bring everything you can to the table, you’ll want new ideas and inspiration that experienced printers can offer. Let your printed projects stand out from the crowd by collaborating with those in the know. Find a printer who listens to you and what you want instead of talking at you.

Competitive Pricing –After you’ve done your work researching which companies will meet your needs, ask for pricing or a quote. You should gather a few quotes from different companies. That way when you go in to discuss the total cost of your project, you can show your potential printing service the research you’ve done. If you research your printers appropriately, the prices you receive from them should all be fairly similar.

Communication is Key

Use these guidelines when evaluating a potential printing company. Don’t be afraid to ask printers a lot of questions and describe the range of products and services your company needs. Choose correctly, and you’ll have a creative partner who’ll work hard to make you successful.  Contact us today (972) 807-6871 | for a free consultation.  Our motto is “Whatever it Takes