Every Business SMALL and LARGE needs some form of Print Marketing services.

Let Hawkeye Printing be your source for those needs!

Businesses STILL have a need for marketing.  From your business cards, letterhead, envelopes, forms, brochures, booklets, and pocket folders to sales brochures, mailers, and even car wraps. We can help you with the BRANDING of your company. 

Allowing ONE SOURCE to print all your needs promotes a consistency in the BRANDING of your company from color matching to the type of papers you are most favorable to. 

Let Hawkeye Printing become a part of your team and LEARN your needs and desires to help you STAND OUT above the competition!

Branding and Corporate Identity

Printed marketing materials are the mainstay of any branding campaign, as it is still the best way to get your business right in front of prospects and clients without worrying about optimizing for online viewership. When people think of branding, their minds often wander to corporate identity, which offers massive repetition that displays a company’s image or logo and reinforces the marketing message.

Another way print marketing will be beneficial to a company’s marketing efforts is through event sponsorships, as well as using banners and personalized gifts to get its image in front of thousands of potential customers at one time. This could be a sports event, a festival, or any other event where your target audience gathers.

We have worked with several top brands across multiple territories, always striving to truly understand their marketing objectives, and delivering the most innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions. Online marketing may be here to stay, but don’t forget that print will still play a crucial role in the overall content marketing mix.

Print Advertisements Augment Reality

One of the best things about print media is its ability to seamlessly interact with digital media in such a way that it connects readers using tactile response measures. For example, printing a scannable QR code on an informational document offers customers and prospects a means to let them explore the article, as well as connect to a desired end result using digital technology, all at the same time.

It is an undisputable fact that print media grabs attention. People may flock to the web to get answers, but print is where they go to get the questions that they should be asking. Hawkeye Printing & Graphics is more than just a print provider; we deliver unique and bespoke solutions for all printing, marketing, and media needs.

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