Print Marketing to Get More Customers

Digital marketing in today’s world makes print marketing look like an obsolete commodity. It, when finally, someone starts researching and cramming data, do they find that this notion is rather unintelligent. Print marketing is in the boom even today and is believed to be getting more customers than ever. Where video advertising is on the rise, print marketing is not far behind either. It represents a number of ways to capture an audience and proven to be very successful in claiming different clients all over the world.

Now it would be fair to ask, as to why is print marketing getting more customers. The answer would be an extensive one entailing a wide variety of reasons.


We have had a good more than 100 years of print marketing and have witnessed numerous suggested improved replacements. However, none has taken over the durable and tenacious print marketing. It is because no matter how evolved the world gets, print marketing has something intrinsically durable about it and it cannot possibly be imagined to be vanished for the years to come. This is because the print media is a practical one. People visualize banner, look at signs and still value brochures and leaflets. The print media until plays a valuable part in advertising for a variety of businesses on an everyday basis.


Print marketing has proven to be an exceptionally reliable tool. It has been noticed that most purchases of a wide variety of products have been made after a customer had seen a printed advertisement in some magazine. This undoubtedly proves that print marketing holds reliability when it comes to purchase and expenditure of money. The expenditure to results ratio is quite low signifying the practical value of this mode of advertisement. Where a similar investment may not avail such productive results on a different platform, print marketing has realized an astonishing result for quite a low investment. This is also the reason for its strong appeal to small as well as large businesses.


As the world has entered a technological era, digital information has surfaced and so has the perplexity with it. Print provides simplicity in this storm of digital hustle. Businesses advertisers online have absolutely no hurdles to market their product, creating an unnecessary and unfair competition for vendors, as well as over saturating the market. Print marketing exterminates all this, skimming through the choices and creates a clear and explicable front for vendors to choose from.


It has the quality and ability to gauge undivided attention. Studies have shown that the age group 18-24 prefers reading printed magazines for various social subjects in contrast to just skimming content on digital media. Similarly On the bay magazine writes that, 95% people under 25 read magazines.  This means that businesses can grab the attention of readers much through printing instead of online marketing. Where online marketing is another giant where business advertisement s concerned, it does not take the place of print marketing. Business owners often implement a combination of both plans during their advertisement in order to avail the maximum output.


Print marketing keeps tradition alive and as Biz Small Biz writes, “provides THUD value”. People today, however evolved still prefer things that are more physical rather than abstract and that means print marketing can never go out of business. Banners and flyers are still quite a fashion. Where online users can merely ignore or skip an add, readers often go through a flyer before discarding it. This means that they stand a better chance of gaining valuable information than online users who never look at an advertisement in the first place. This is why great printing companies like are functioning to furnish business owners with exceptional printing services. 


Print marketing has proven to be enabled to merge with other forms of branding and advertising, and all this in coalition with digital market, but in such a way that it allows for a grander exposure. Recently, new advances have been made to coalesce print and digital marketing. Companies all over the world connect print houses through a print cloud, and print locally terminating the delay of months into weeks and days when physical print materials are needed.


One can certainly not ignore that print is definitely more inspiring and motivating and is a great way to unplug. It is a busy world and every now and then people need something to unplug and disconnect from this cloud of technology. In this regard, there is no match to print marketing that is the most efficient way to unplug and disconnect.